The area of creative thinking

  • Developing visual and spatial imagination
  • Stimulating and developing creative thinking to be fluent, flexible and original through training such intellectual processes as: associative, analogical, metaphorical, abstract and deductive thinking
  • Training symbolic thinking
  • Training synesthesia, sinectics and problem solving attitude
  • Increasing observation skills
  • Encouraging creative activity in everyday life
  • Experiencing art correspondence

The area of artistic competence and skills

  • Developing visual aesthetic sensitivity
  • Creating conditions for artistic expression by means of different art techniques
  • Training, increasing and improving such artistic skills as: drawing, painting, sculpting, designing, making 3D works using differentiated art media
  • Teaching the ability of composing a work of art and using perspective and colour
  • Increasing manual ability

The cognitive area

  • Acquiring various branches of art and chosen works of art (reproductions or originals if possible) from different sides of the world
  • Experiencing a universal character of peoples’ communication through art
  • Deriving inspiration from different sources with the emphasis on the role of nature
  • Making children aware of their cultural, slovakian roots and its value
  • Using a foreign language (English) as an added value

The area of emotional and social skills

  • Experiencing the joy of a creative process and then a final effect
  • Developing empathy and active listening skills
  • Building and strenghtening self esteem on the ground of one’s own creative abilities and the feeling of identity
  • Shaping open – mindness and tolerance
  • Training the ability to cooperate in a group
  • Creating circumstances and prompting children to participate actively in cultural life
  • Nurturing a spiritual sphere and experiencing a therapeutical character through contact with art

What cannot be missing

  • The atmosphere of Joy – this special emotion makes children continue to create
  • Curiosity and interest in creativity
  • No – criticism rule towards turning up ideas
  • Creativity ond open – mindness of the teacher