I have known Mrs. Sylwia for 5 years now. She is my English and Art. Teacher. English lessons are immensely interesting, much more curious than those at school. Each lesson brings a new experience to me as far as the language and general knowledge of the world is concerned. I use National Geographic textbooks “Our World” that broaden my horizons. When I go on holidays abroad I communicate in English easily and eagerly , I write school tests on A.
Drawing and painting classes give me a chance to draw very different things. I have drawn the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. I learn oil painting technique and I often create pictures out of my imagination. Mrs Sylwia invited me to take part in her creative project “Poetry and Art for Creativity-Inspirations”, where I illustrated two of her poems, which is vitally important to me.
I do love our classes and I do recommend them.

Karol Czyrkowski.

The creative workshops led by Ms Sylwia were a great and rich experience. Children became aware of the correspondence between poetry and art. They learnt how the two branches permeate each other and what they can derive from art.

The poems were read in English, which was an added value. Then the children got acquainted with a revolutionary action painting by Jackson Pollock. The following, childrens’ task was to create an illustration corresponding the poem by the means of action painting technique.

Let’s remember that not only artists, writers and inventors need creativity and imagination. It’s really hard to cope with everyday life when you lack those traits. We do recommend these wonderful workshops and encourage you to buy “Poetry and Art for Creativity – Inspirations.”

The Public Library in Piaseczno team

I’m 9 years old now. I’ve studied English with Ms Sylwia since I was 4 years old. This school year I’ve started attending Spanish classes led in English. During English classes I was doing a lot of amusing things – theatre plays, puppets, scenographies, I wrote stories about Halloween, drew some comics. Then, I showed them to my parents. The lowest grade I received from English at school is 6 and from language contest at school level I got 30/30 points. At the moment I am preparing to the next level. ( Hania won a borough contest in English “My little English World – I am so proud of her – Sylwia ).

I am also very keen on Spanish, we listen to music, watch films about Spain. Ms Sylwia explains everything in English. Besides, I do many projects; when we were learning about body I sewed a doll and two costumes for her, when we were learning about houses, rooms, furniture and colours I made a big cardboard model of my own house. I also did a poster about my family and food. There is a lot of words which sound funny for me in Spanish. That is why we play with these words, we often make different associations with them. We also dance, sing, sometimes fool around – this is cool!

I like improving my skills; drawing and making up different things during language classes is fun for me. I easily memorize vocabulary, expressions and phrases. I ‘ve learnt a great deal with Ms Sylwia indeed.

Hania Rok.

In 20414/2015 school year I had to face choosing a high school. When I finally decided that I want to go IB World School at Raszyńska Street it turned out that if I wanted to get admitted there I had to acquaire a great deal of material from English. I did not have much time for it. Rzeżucha Studio helped me to prepare for the entry exams. All the materials, tips, exercises and motivation that I received had such an effect that I was admitted to my dream school. My language level shot up and eventually I was classified to the best English group.

Maja Żakowska

I am exceedingly impressed by Sylwia’s book „Poetry and Art for Creativity” and the concept of enriching children’s lives through art. Her workshops are fascinating in furthering her philosophy that creativity can impact the way in which children view the world around them. . The book is wonderful. The children’s art work compliments the poetry perfectly and I was very touched to see the poems assembled altogether. She did a masterful job.
I am proud to have been a small part of this creative work and I wish her much success.

Karen Gray

My two daughters have studied at Rzeżucha Studio. They were 4 years old when they began. The older one studies English and Spanish led in English. The younger studies English. They both love these classes. They are creative and joyful. Ms Sylwia gets to know children and their hobbies so that she can build lessons around the topics that children are interested in. Girls absorb like sponges. The number of ideas and methods of leading lessons seems to be endless. From the parent’s perspective Ms Sylwia’s experience, accuracy of teaching and creativity joined with vast respect for child’s imagination are the things that make Rzeżucha Studio worth recommending.

Ewa Muszyńska – Rok

Creative workshops ”I’ve got an idea” run by Ms Sylwia Zabor-Żakowska develop children’s creative potential and language abilities in a multitude of directions. They are unique and driven by passion. Unconventional ideas and artistic viewpoint of the surrounding reality stimulate vigorously children’s imagination. Their thinking becomes fluent and flexible, their horizons broaden and their communicative skills get better.

Children get a chance to experience the use of different art materials with all their senses. Thanks to Sylwia’s original ideas on how to make use of them kids’ work is often spontaneous and natural and lets them discover their own creative potential.

The English language aspect enhances an exploratory atmosphere of the workshops and helps build a relationship with children that is based on empathy and cooperation.

Ms Sylwia’s outstanding talent and qualifications result in innovative projects which truly enchant children. What’s more she’s a very warm person. Her work and personality make children love and fully engage in the workshops.

ABC Kindergarten

Before I started my lessons with Ms Sylwia I had been attending a private, bilingual primary school and then gymnasium (with 6 hours of English each week) for 8 years. After gymnasium exam, my level of English oscillated between A2 and B1. After completing gymnasium, I was for half a year in a bilingual class in Stefan Batory high school. Despite another semester when I had 6 hours of English per week, my level of advancement was not going any further. After first semester, I decided to try to get to IB in Paweł Jasienica high school. To pass the entry exams, the language must be on level C1. In approximately 3 months, I had to comprehend grammar,broaden vocabulary, learn how to understand texts effectively, speak in a fluent way and write essays. It seemed impossible. However, thanks to 5 hours’ sessions per week with Ms. Sylwia I was perfectly and really effectively prepared for the entry exam, which I passed with a positive result. Ms Sylwia’s methodology requires a lot of involvement from the student but it guarantees a measurable outcome. During 1,5 month I revised the whole English grammar (with irregularities) and I learned how to write essays quickly and productively. Lessons were very varied. During the next 1,5 month thanks to a multiple of revisions and extra materials I broadened my lexis which opened for me the way to English literature, films and also contacts with friends from other countries. Even using the basic tool – internet became easier. It is a pleasure for me to recommend Ms Sylwia as a highly professional and passionate about her job person. Due to her great approach toward the student, excellent knowledge of the IB programme specifics and superb methodology in teaching English, Ms Sylwia will excellently prepare everyone who ties their future with English.

Julia Rudnicka