Bilingual book “Poetry and Art for Creativity-Inspirations” is an innovative publication which has been illustrated by children. It is addressed to readers of every age. Moreover, it may be used in various ways.

It is a compilation of 15 poems, which are a starting point for conducting creative workshops. It can be used during classes which are led by professionals as well as it will be a great position on a home bookshelf. I hope that it will enrich and bring joy to the family life.

Presented poems have a painterly character, they express happiness which is an outcome of experiencing the process of creation. English translation accompanies the Polish version, which gives an opportunity to develop one’s English language knowledge. The book also contains a pictorial dictionary of artistic notions which can be designed personally.

Featured scenarios of creative workshops both derive from and create the stream of modern education which focuses on developing other than hitherto abilities in a constantly changing, multicultural world. They interestingly combine the achievements of modern science of psychology of creativity which stress the need for stimulating creative thinking and imagination, correspondence between poetry and painting and also other branches of art such as music, theatre, sculpture or folk art. Besides, there can be found elements of art history, which allow trainees to gett to know its geniuses and their works.

The book indicates the profoundly humanistic character of creative activity. Moreover, it underlines that contact between children and art creates space for learning one’s own cultural personality and receiving advantages from it as well as shaping an open and tolerant attitude towards other nationalities.

What it offers an English speaker is some study of Polish works of art (from Polish folk culture, painting and music). Also it can serve as a tool to learn a Polish language.
The book has been rewarded with European Language Label – the highest and very prestiguous prize in education for innovation and creativity on a European scale granted by the European Commission and Polish Minister of Education.

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Europejski certyfikat innowacyjności, kreatywności oraz najwyższych standardów w dziedzinie nauczania.