My session SDGs and Teaching English through Art will bring a chance to reflect on the issue of poverty in today’s world and stimulate creativity through art corresponce in the English language classroom . We will experience what poverty and creativity might have in common and how to trigger creativity using recyclable materials.

It will start with a brief presentation of two brand new publications: „Integrating global issues in the creative English language classroom” published by the British Council and „Poetry and Art for Creativity” by Rzeżucha awarded European Language Label 2016 for the innovation.

The publications are full of innovative, inspirational ideas of creative activities along with developing students’ empathy and sensitivity towards today’s inequalities in the world. They also focus on the practical aspect of learning English. (5 min)

The core of the meeting will be a workshop based on linking poetry and theatre experience, where you will be challenged by a combination of poetry, such piece of art as The She Goat by Picasso a creative writing task and using recyclable materials to create puppets.

You are very welcome to take an active part in the workshop, get inspired and feel the power of English teaching through art and triggering creativity and imagination. The experience will enable you to easily adapt the activities to your teaching context and doing art may release new sources of your teaching passion.

Sylwia Zabor-Żakowska
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